Murk Mondays



Underground house music, tacos, and tequila. That’s what you’ll find at Coyo Taco when Oscar G and the Murk Records crew take over the Wynwood taquería’s secret bar for Murk Mondays. “First, we ate there, which probably helped the matter,” Oscar jokes, explaining how he, Ralph Falcon, and Lazaro Casanova ended up choosing a Mexican restaurant for their party. “I think more so than anything, we just really liked the place.” After almost one year of planning and searching for a new weekly residency, the 305 house legend and his Murk homies finally found what they were looking for. And much like the Murk label itself, partying to underground house music at a Mexican restaurant on a Monday night is “completely off the beaten path,” O.G. says. “That connection with this place,” he adds, “seemed appropriate for this party.” Otherwise, the homies’ plans are pretty loose. “We’re just trying to do something where it feels like we’re just hanging out with our friends. That’s what we’re aiming for. And you can grab tacos. That’s a perk.”

Location info:


2300 NW Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33127


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