The Master “Luck Hunter”

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Rod B. & Mareis bring you the Miami Sessions @ Miami Underground Movement.

Luke Hunter is an Audio Engineer/Producer/DJ located in Miami Florida.
For Luke “sanedracHUNTER” each and every venue, show and event is taken as a complete experience into sound that maintains the high standard of production and discerning ear that first lead Luke to his love of music.
Both his solo sets and his duo sets seek to find overwhelming sense of connection with the listeners, a thrill from hearing a track for the first time and allowing yourself to drift into an audible journey that evokes thought, emotion, and understanding.

Also half of production/DJ pair SanedracHunter which features Franccesco Cardenas & Luke Hunter. Years of music flow between these two artists but the real synergy takes place when these great minds come together behind the decks or in the studio. Collaboratively Franccesco Cardenas and Luke Hunter fuse as one under the title SanedracHunter and the two have already made a name in Miami and are now expanded to both coasts with Franccesco Cardenas “Sanedrac” in the West in San Francisco and Luke Hunter “Hunter” in the East holding down Miami.
SanedracHunter have been playing together for nearly a decade and have been honored to perform 5 year consecutively at Ultra Music Festival Miami and thru major venues in San Francisco as Harlot and Public Works and in Miami at Treehouse, Space, Mansion, 90.5FM and Klangbox.FMand TBA Brooklyn, Burningman, and more.

Teaming up in 2014 both members of SanedracHunter and SpinnZinn have launched Typ3 Records a Miami-San Francisco based Electronic label.

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